Who We Are                                                                  What are we trying to accomplish?

     Obviously, the 2010 Results of Republican statewide candidates were disappointing and certainly, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would be better served by some semblance of viable two-party government.    sets a foundation with three main ideas;

  • Takes stock of our current challenges and opportunities
  • Offers a New Plan of Action
  • Provides data as a resource to GOP activists and operatives

      The overarching theme for is the concept of “Equity.”   Equity, both in terms of fairness and in terms of building collective ownership in our party and, as an extension, our candidates and campaigns. believes that the role of the Mass GOP should be to support all GOP candidates that meet the corresponding Support & Qualification Criteria.  Further, this support is only meant to “supplement” a candidate and campaign. 

      The Mass. GOP needs a new playbook.  For years, Republicans have not been able to build a winning team of activists and campaign operatives and, as a result, have lost equity by investing in too many candidates and campaigns that run, then lose and are never heard from again.  Conversely, the Democrats have been able to breed and maintain a consistent group of political operatives and people who seek public office, which has contributed to their overall statewide dominance. 


     For the sake of forming a loyal opposition, the Mass. GOP must reconsider the manner with which we are supporting statewide candidates and their campaigns.  We must come up with a plan for allocating resources on a more equitable basis - that spreads the wealth beyond one race.  The “all or nothing” approach has not worked and the GOP is a U.S. Senator away from being completely irrelevant in Massachusetts politics. 


     Let’s keep the strategies simple and acknowledge that some of the new GOP practices may have to challenge conventional wisdom.  For instance, the GOP should try to compete everywhere, even in urban areas that are viewed as Democrat strongholds.  Further, Republicans need to regain the trust of social conservatives, while uniting all corners of the party so that our legions can present a unified front in the name of smaller government, self-reliance and small business.  In addition, the GOP should change their campaign teams up a bit and provide opportunities to other operatives who are willing and able to follow the new playbook.    


     If Republicans are going to succeed going forward then we must be willing to change the way that we have been operating and embrace a New Era of Cooperation.  The new playbook requires that all Republicans unite and rally together, as a team, to be victorious in November.


     David D’Arcangelo is the Chairman of the Malden Republican City Committee, Dean Cavaretta was the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Karyn Polito for Treasurer campaign. 

    We are Republican activists that are seeking to improve our party by forming a "loyal opposition" to one party rule. For an example of the type of improvement we're pushing for, check out a recent op-ed Mary Connaughton had published in the MetroWest Daily News; we couldn't agree more with her thoughts!

We are endeavoring to develop new ways to elect Republican candidates in Massachusetts and to serve as a resource by providing information, analysis and support for GOP activists, candidates and campaigns. If you are a Republican activist seeking to improve our party by forming a "loyal opposition" then please Join Us in our efforts to restore viable two-party government to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 


     Our emphasis is about winning more races.

     We want to 
Discuss the challenges and opportunities that our state party is facing.  Certainly, we must understand and address the challenges our candidates encounter in the urban areas of the state.

     Then, we can begin to 
Plan how we can move forward.  This comes complete with an established and detailed set of criteria that is open and accessible to all candidates and their campaigns.  

     Once we can get consensus about the New Plan we can then field candidates that will 
Run with a new playbook that addresses many of our current challenges. 

     We believe that candidates that follow this new criteria will be in better position to 

     For more information 
about us and our background click here.  Also, please follow us on Facebook.